Choosing Your Xelerator

The development of the second generation Xelerator has made this a fairly simple process. The first choice is color. You can have a bright red or yellow. The Xelerators are exactly the same except for their color. Since the Xelerator itself will work for any size person, you really only need to decide which ball you want. Remember that the ball is a handle. You do not create movement pitches with it, and most pitchers never attempt to create the snap motion with it. Choose the size that you feel comfortable with. If your league requires a certain ball size, you might choose that size, however the Xelerator spin motion is not impacted by the ball size and the safety harness will hold the ball in your hand regardless of size.

You do not have to make a decision based on the pitcher’s size as the 2nd Generation is as light as can be made within our current technology. The safety strap is very easily adjusted to accommodate any size person, large or small.

The other option you have is whether to choose a leather ball. Without a doubt they are more comfortable, but it does add weight. The good news is that the weight is in your hand and not on the other end of the harness. The values associated with being lighter are still there.

Another bonus associated with the second generation is that the ball can be replaced quite easily without dismantling the whole unit. If you want to change sizes, you can unhook the caribiner, remove the barrel cinch, and pull off the ball. If you want both size balls (predrilled), just call us and we will include the second one for $1.00.

Finally, you could choose the Xelerator WB. The “WB” stands for Water Bottle. We have copied the Xelerator trainer and substituted an aluminum water bottle inside of it instead of the normal weight and spacers. The bottle itself is 16oz and should be filled to approximately 1/4 full to duplicate the weight system in the standard second generation model. The trainer can be used as either a water bottle or Xelerator trainer. I’m sure you have already figured out that the bottle can contain up to 16oz of fluid which is almost 4 times the normal spinning weight. You might try this just to stretch out your arm, however I would spin it very few times as 16oz is a lot of weight for your shoulder to endure.

There you have it! Call us if you need more help.