11” Yellow Xelerator with Foam Ball.


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This is the yellow, 11” Xelerator with a foam ball.

The 2nd generation Xelerator with either the leather or foam ball is the newest Xelerator design. It includes a light weight ½ inch strap, that is adjustable so that it will accommodate any size pitcher. The new softer end is designed to protect the pitcher from injury. The lighter weight allows the pitcher to spin with the arm relaxed. The arm should be relaxed and slightly bent to allow the elbow to flex at the pitch. The Xelerator was designed to make the arm spin motion a linear movement. The linear movement leads to a pitching plane that accumulates energy to be released during the whipping motion. The line of force when straight allows the sequential movement of elbow, wrist, and finally fingers to maximize speed and control. When correcting bad habits, or creating fresh new muscle memory, the user should pay attention to the spin motion. Be sure to review the DVD that is provided with the product. There are explanations, examples and drills for your use.


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