What’s so special about the Xelerator?

with the Xelerator
Learn proper pitching mechanics by training shoulders, arms and body together
Bad Habits
Quickly develop muscle memory, isolating problem areas
an Efficient, Effective Pitching Circle
Train with only a small time investment and minimum physical risk


The Xelerator is a complete and efficient training method designed to ingrain the skills necessary for successful pitchers.  It is the perfect softball pitching trainer.  With a small investment, not only will you correct bad pitching habits but you will learn proper pitching mechanics too.  Athletes generally acquire a variety of training exercises and pitching methods from the plethora of coaches and trainers they will meet throughout their career, but one thing remains the same, technique.  Developing a consistent pitching circle and infusing softball muscle memory to heart will undoubtedly create a recipe for success and impress future coaches.  This is exactly why many have decided to give Xelerator chance, and they are better off for it.  Don’t delay, get the Xelerator package that fits your needs and begin your journey to become a great pitcher today.